20 Mar 2017

Microsoft Answer Tech Nichole M: Thanks for contacting Microsoft Support, my name is Nichole M. Please allow me a few moments while I review the information you provided. 4:58 am Nichole M: I am your dedicated Billing specialist for today. Hope you’re having a fantastic day.

My helpful screenshot

4:58 am Me: Hi, I had’t. The order number XXXXXX9727 is not allowed. I WANT MY MONEY BACK.

4:59 am Nichole M: Let me review the order and look into your request for refund. 5:01 am Nichole M: Just curious though, can you tell me more why the order is not allowed?

5:01 am Me: It’s not curious and yes I can.

5:02 am Nichole M: I tried pulling up the order number you provided and it’s not returning any results. 5:03 am Nichole M: Please tell me what item is on the order while I try to search using other information available on the account. 5:04 am Me: My child has played. It was not clear to him, that it makes a real purchase. It also had no permission. It is not businessable.

5:04 am Me: 400 Robux kr 29,50 03/18/2017 5:06 am Me: Order number XXXXXX9727 March 18, 2017 UTC.

5:07 am Nichole M: Thank you for this information. Let me review the transaction now. 5:07 am Nichole M: I appreciate you waiting on the line. Upon checking, I can see that the account was already granted a one time courtesy refund for an unauthorized purchase back in Jan 13, 2017 with Service Request XXXXXX6184. What I can do is to remove the credit card that was charged to prevent this from happening again in the future.

5:13 am Me: No, I want my money back: Order number XXXXXX9727 March 18, 2017 UTC. 5:15 am Me: 400 Robux. 5:15 am Me: kr 29,50.

5:16 am Nichole M: I understand where you’re coming from, Andreas. However, since there is previous refund exception that was provided back in January, we can no longer grant another refund for unauthorized purchase.

5:16 am Me: Norway, No, I want my money back: Order number XXXXXX9727 March 18, 2017 UTC.

5:17 am Nichole M: Let me further check on this. Please give me 2-3 minutes. 5:19 am Nichole M: Thank you for waiting Andreas. If I may ask, how old is the child who made the purchase?

5:24 am Me: 8.

5:24 am Nichole M: Would you know if he purchased these in-app items using an Xbox or a Windows PC?

5:24 am Me: Using an Xbox. 5:25 am Me: In app.

5:25 am Nichole M: I appreciate the information.

5:25 am Me I want my money back.

5:26 am Nichole M: I will be processing a refund for this unauthorized purchase by a minor. Please take note that this is one time exception for the account. If this happens again in the future, your request will be decline. In order to prevent this from happening again, you can create a Child account for your child and make restrictions to the items that he can download and purchase.

5:27 am Nichole M: It will also help to create an Xbox One passkey on your console to control these things. To learn more, here’s a link with instructions that you can follow https://support.xbox.com/en-US/my-account/security/create-xbox-one-passkey. 5:28 End of chat.

Thx 4 nothing

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